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Operations & Capital Partners (OCP) has been formed for the purpose of evaluating and purchasing ongoing businesses. OCP offers a unique approach to investor looking for improved returns. OCP will acquire or create companies based on management's past hands-on approach to operating and improving bottom line growth. What makes OCP different is our vision. Our mission is not based solely on improved market share, or increased pricing. OCP evaluates all aspects of a targeted company. OCP's past successes highlight a history of bottom line improvements based on lean manufacturing techniques, expense cost cutting, improved administrative productivity, redesigned and improved IT systems, greater marketing exposure, expanded product lines, improved supply chain management, strategic supplier relationships, exponential quality improvement and unequalled customer service. Targeted companies will be acquired based on the premise that all businesses are people driven businesses. Employee retention, customer retention and strategic customer acquisition will allow OCP to improve bottom line growth through the commitment to value and service. OCP will grow through the value their customers require. OCP will always strive to be the industry leader in quality and service.



The Partners will be hands-on managers. They will design the business plans for all their portfolio companies as well as implement and execute those plans. Planning and evaluation will be executed on a continuous basis to insure 360 degree process and business improvement. OCP's formula is based on one partner being the COO of the acquired company for at least twelve months. We strongly believe it takes time to fully understand each business and develop a strategic plan both short and long-term. This approach limits OCP to a maximum of three deals per year, but we feel this discipline will increase value long-term. 


OCP believes there is tremendous opportunity with businesses under the radar. With honesty, integrity, and hard work, we look forward to achieving great results one company at a time. 

 Vision for Success

We offer the experience necessary to achieve concrete business success to last for decades. Our team of professionals have years of experience in many aspects of running successful businesses from start ups to large scale operations in many different industries.


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