OCP primary areas of acquisition focus are manufacturing, distribution, and construction, but in reality we are looking far under the radar screen for companies that have been entrepreneurial in spirit where the owner had an idea and was able to turn it into a business.  We believe these companies often suffer from management development problems that don't allow the business to reach the next level. OCP is looking for companies where founders are usually technically or entrepreneurially oriented and disdain management activities; their physical and mental energies are absorbed entirely in making and selling new products.  We see this type of energy as having initial success, but often is followed by owner burnout or complacency, thus creating a buying opportunity. OCP is not discounting the owner's work as we believe creative activities are essential before a company can get off the ground.  Once it does, however, new management skills are needed to take the company to the next stage. Sometimes these skills are there, but in more cases they're not.  Having the skills to take a company through all stages of growth is rare. 



Our philosophy is believing in people and managing them without bias in order to achieve the goals and objectives established.  That is why each of our principals has operating experience.  At least one of OCP principals will be involved in running the day-to-day operations of every portfolio company for the first twelve months of operations.  Along with learning every aspect of the portfolio company, the principal will be tasked with generating a formal strategic business plan for both the short and long-term.  Objectives will be set and measured on a monthly basis.  When the portfolio company is positioned to achieve the objectives, a GM will either be groomed or hired in order for the principal to move into a new opportunity. OCP key to success is our active participation in each transaction.  By focusing on active on-site management, problems will be identified earlier and addressed more efficiently and cost effectively.  While this may slowdown OCP ability to identify new opportunities, we believe that the time spent understanding the nuts and bolts of each business will pay bigger dividends long-term.



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