Our Mission

To increase return on invested capital by acquiring companies that can be enhanced through our sales and marketing expertise, our commitment to world-class quality and customer service, and our get it done approach to operations. 


Increased Return on Invested Capital - This will be achieved through the commitment to the initial full time, on-site management of each company by one of our principals. OCP will install our proven quality management systems to maximize operational efficiency.


Sales and Marketing Expertise - Sales strategies have changed dramatically over the years.  OCP has the unique ability to generate revenues and manage a sales force using a Corporate Sales Process, which management has successfully used in prior positions over the past 15 years. 


World-Class Quality and Customer Service - Quality and customer service are the key elements to product differentiation and strategic customer acquisition.  Our principal's past successes with quality control, along with their 24/7/365 availability to their past customers will be the standard in all acquired companies. 


Get It Done (GID) approach to operations - Having operators with over fifty years of hands-on experience in three different areas of strength will allow OCP to use everyone's expertise to affect and improve multiple aspects of our operating companies.



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